In this guide to Photoshop you will learn about six tools. One is  Gradient (G) another is Type (T) then there is the Brush (B) there is Move tool (V) there is also the Rectangle Marquee tool (M) last there is Quick Selection Tool (W).  The Gradient tool lets you put a gradient in what ever you want. You can do a radial gradient, linear gradient and diamond gradient. You can also customize your gradients by adding color.  Type tool lets you type where ever you want. It allows you to change the font, color, and size. Type tool is like type on word.  Brush tool allows you to draw things like in paint. You can draw how big, small, or whatever color you want. It is exactly like in paint.  The move tool lets you move thing where ever you want. You can make things smaller and bigger. Also you can move things to a different window.  The Rectangle Marquee tool is the basic selection tool. So like the Quick Selection tool you can do almost anything. So just select anything and you can cut it out of your picture. Last but not least the Quick Selection tool allows you to select things without changing the actual photo. So you can do what ever you want and it doesn’t change. I love to do this when I am bored. There you go A PHOTOSHOP GUIDE!!! 🙂


November 2, 2012. Uncategorized.

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