Friday Favorite #2

Archer is a geometric slab serif. Gentle curves, bouncing ball terminal, and  a nod to antique tradition, soften its authoritative strokes. Eurostile is a square sans-serif. The t and f crossbars extent to the right and k/K’s  diagonals do not touch their vertical, among oddities. Archer is a slab with praises circles, while Eurostile is a sans  that follows widened squares. Archer and Eurostile know their shapes.  Archer’s lighter weights open forms, and tall ascenders find company in Eurostile’s thick monolinearity and compact letters.

Itc century is a very popular typeface. They have used this in many things like the schoolbooks, and the court justice building. It has been a lot of help over the years by being very legible. Lino letter is a slab serif was released by the linotype corp. Lino letter is also constructed for high legibility with its large counters and tall x-heights. It is used by newspapers. Itc century and lino letter are similar in some ways, they are champions of the identity of the serif. Their common slender forms, large counters, and high x-heights are fit for extensive printing. They both are big in legibility that is always the biggest concern.

Univers is a neo-grotesque sans-serif conceived as a total system for both metal and photosetting. Univers’ simple, homogenous structure is legible from afar and appropriate for long text.  Apollo is an old style slab serif. The design includes a range of highly legible typefaces.They are both designed to do photo setting. Apollo’s sharp terminals and closed forms, but they share equivalent x-heights. The designed within ten years of each other by the same swiss designer.


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